Work Related Injuries

Reporting work related injuries can sometimes be a difficult decision. With an injury on the job, there can be a worry of what management may think and the fear of being penalized in some way. Companies pay for Worker’s Compensation. This is insurance that is required by law which help those who have the misfortune of experiencing a work-related accident. This insurance allows an injured worker to get the help they need. Work injuries can make it very difficult to work at an acceptable level. In some cases can prevent the employee from being able to work at all.
Work-related injuries are usually soft-tissue related. Quickenden Chiropractic Clinic can care for these types of injuries. We have provided care for work-related injuries for many years with great success. We want to get you healthy and back to work, as soon as possible. We also understand how to work with Worker’s Compensation insurances.  This can give you peace of mind and allows for a smooth authorization of your visits to our office.

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